EaZyRemesh V2 is out!

We've now included versions for 2023 and up for those of you rich enough to upgrade!

There is also an Undo last button for 2023 and up which takes you back to the state before you first used the EaZyRemsh button.

Free upgrade for existing users.

HERE it is.


Released Games in 2022!

I've been pretty fortunate this year to have two games I worked on, released.

I was the Lead Artist for Warped Kart Racers in May, and Character Lead for Electric Square in co dev with Criterion Games for Need for Speed Unbound a few days ago. Here's to many more projects in 2023!


Airbnb Gift Card Spots

Over the course of a few evenings and weekends, I worked on a few spots with Nexus Studios for Airbnb. I had to model a few props, suitcases and sled, and make some character tweaks to the skiers so they were good for 3D printing, these were then posed up and used for stop motion animation. It was a lot of fun!

There's also a two minute behind the scenes video below if you're interested.


EaZYRemesh V1.5 is out!

EaZYRemesh V1.5 is out!

It comes with new hard surface options, UVs now works for Zbrush 2022, bug fixes added, and it should work with Zbrush 2022 without kicking up errors for the 5 people that had it in the last version. 😄 Free update for existing users.

Hope you find it useful!

Get it HERE.


EaZyREMESH V1.5 Coming soon - Hard Surface Reptopo made easy

I've been beta testing the latest iteration of the EaZyRemesh Tool.

There's now a dedicated Hard Surface and Half Hard surface button to give consistent results for, ahem, hard surface work using the knife tool.

UVs now work with Zbrush 2022, I've also refined the algorithm to help it give better results for organic remeshing.

It'll be out in a few days and as always, existing users get the upgrade for free!


EaZyRemesh Bug fix for Zbrush 2022

Just a quick heads up. Since the release of Zbrush 2022, the UV function for Eazyremesh isn't loading. Some code needs to be written and as soon as that is done, I'll re upload it so it works with the latest version.



Tips for getting into games or media


Here are a few excepts from talks I've given at various Academies and Universities. I thought it might be handy for anyone trying to get their foot in the door.

It's mostly character based but some of the tips will apply to environment artists too.

Some of the slides are self explanatory but I will give short blurbs for anything I want to expand upon.

Hope it helps. Enjoy!



When I first started out, I wanted to do everything. I eventually settled on characters because I found them more fun to do. However the skills I learned as a modeller stand me in good stead today if I need to jump on anything non-character related.

It's okay if you don't know what kind of artist you want to be when you start out.  The easiest way I knew what I liked was realizing how frequently I swore at my computer when i was doing something I didn't like... so I did the other thing! 😃


"Why isn't Blender on the list??" Well, since these talks were given, Blender has emerged as a very useful asset in a lot of studios. Whilst it may not be prevalent in a lot already existing pipelines, it is being used by a growing number of artists and studios daily.

It's good to try different programs, there will be times you'll work on a project that require you to use modelling software you don't use regularly, and basic fundamentals in that program will be an advantage.

I've used Max and Maya. I prefer the latter. Don't @ me. 😅

Character Tips

Always use reference. Unless you've seen everything ever and have a photographic memory, you need to get your reference and inspiration from somewhere. No, it's not stealing. 

Anatomy above everything. Study it, learn it, even in stylized characters, it's essential. 

*Constructive feedback. "It doesn't look right to me!" isn't feedback. How can you make it better? With lighting? Better form? Fewer details?

That's the kind of feedback that actually helps if you're receiving or giving feedback.

Character Example

I started with a sphere, blocked out the major forms before going into secondary and tertiary details. If it doesn't look good from afar, it won't look good up close! I only had one view so I had to look up baby elephant ref to finish the model. And this is why reference is important! 

You can find the game res model with topology and a turnaround HERE if you want a closer look.

Portfolio Tips

Keep it simple, stupid. Art directors don't have the time to wait through fancy flash animations. If you want to work in games, you'll need more than Zbrush busts. Show some topology. Pose you character models please!

As a personal thing, I never have WIPs in my portfolio. I leave them in the blog. 

Interview Tips

You'd be surprised how many people don't know about the company they are applying for. Read up, ask relevant questions. You're interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.

The turtle Ice Age dude on the left was actually on my portfolio years ago. I thought it was awesome at the time! As you evolve, remove the old junk and replace it with the new goodness, you're only as strong as your weakest piece.

Don't stick realistic work in your portfolio if you want to work in a studio that does stylized work, and vice versa. Include the work you like to do, not the work you think will get you work, otherwise you won't enjoy yourself when you land your job.

If you're asked "will you be willing to use *software you've never used?*"   The answer is yes. Always yes. That thing you never used before  will come in handy one day in another company on another project. Trust me.

Smile. First impressions count.

Final Thoughts

Being the hardest worker doesn't mean being the last one to leave, it means "do the work"

Study, apply knowledge, ask questions, show enthusiasm for the job you say you love. 

Keep learning new stuff. I know people who lost their jobs because they didn't want to make the shift over to Substance and were happy to keep using Photoshop for texture authoring. 

Professionalism isn't limited to being on time, it also applies to how you speak to your colleagues... And you there, wear some deodourant! 

Mental health is  as important as physical health and I can't tell you how much exercise has helped me. We spend so much time in front of the computer, it's important to get out and do something physical. Walk, run, dance, ride, lift. Whatever, you'll feel great afterwards, thus helping your mental health!

We make stuff people want to play with, watch, experience. It's a great job. Have some fun with it. 

There will be ups and downs but hopefully mostly ups!

Go forth and crush it!



Hey, just a quick message to everyone that purchased my Eazyremesh tool. I appreciate it. If you find it working well for you, I would appreciate a review. if there are any issues or glitches or suggestions, shoot me a message and I'll do my best to sort it/ implement them in the next iteration as soon as possible.



Hook Turnaround

I always wanted to render a turnaround for my Hook character but my old PC couldn't handle it. I have a new PC now so I gave it a go in glorious 2k!
More shots.


Eazyremesh Update V1.2 now out!

*Free update for existing users*

The tool is now updated with some new features.

 Clean mask extractions in a few clicks with hard edges and good usable topology has been updated.

Optional UVs and cleaner UV morphs

Support for super high polygon models big or small and more! 

It's on sale right now. 10% off on the Marketplace.

I've also updated the original page with the new video and image to show what it does.

Update Notes

Bug fixes: Slice it now works first time.

New Resolution Slider

UV  option

Morph UVs

New Same resolution function with cleaner results

Break off Masked areas for quicker prototyping

Updated Tessimate functions for larger and higher polygon objects.

Clean mesh updated for better results and removing polygroups if needed.