My name is Francis-Xavier Martins, I’m based in Brighton and I’ve been involved in CG for over a decade. I’ve worked in video games, media and tv. I always strive to get better and when I’m not working , working out or playing video games, I’m on my computer trying to make cool new stuff. Below are just a few of the projects I’ve contributed to over the years as a modeler, texture artist, rigger and a senior artist, supervising the content and workflow.


Key Skills

  • Modeling in low or high poly using Maya, Zbrush or Max.
  • Texturing in Mari, Substance, Photoshop or Zbrush for hand painted or photo real textures.
  • Lighting, rendering and compositing experience.
  • Rigging models for animation using Maya.
  • Strong drawing skills, traditional or digital media.
  • Basic scripting using Mel.
  • Organic and hard surface modeling.
  • The ability to liaise  with all departments of production due to my technical insight.
  • Some of my clients have  included:

The History Channel

  • Dom.ru
  • Channel 5
  • Marvel
  • Zoe Mode, Brighton
  • Relentless Software, Brighton
  • Pagoda, Brighton
  • Digicave, Brighton
  • Happy Finish, London
  • Open Court Publishing, Chicago